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Punk Rock in the citaaay...

... the citaaay of Sydnaaay

Sydney punk community
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Sydney punk rock and related music. Learn about shows, festivals, bands, stores.
Hello and welcome to Sydney Punk Community
This community is for everyone who lives in Sydney (or at least NSW) who's into Sydney's kicking music scene.
Anyone can join... despite the community's name, this is open to all subcultures and genres!

Here you can..............
[X] Post reviews of releases or gigs
[X] Show everyone photos of gigs
[X] Promote your favourite band or your own band
[X] Tell everyone about up and coming shows and tours
[X] Tell everyone about up and coming events like festivals and fairs
[X] Post information about venues
[X] Learn about new bands and music
[X] Meet awesome people in the same area
[X] Discuss.. stuff

But most importantly

[X] Support local music!

New members, please introduce yourself. We're a friendly bunch and we'd like to get to know you :)

[X] Name:
[X] Age:
[X] From:
[X] Favourite bands:
[X] Favourite Sydney/nsw/Australian bands:
[X] Favourite place in Sydney/nsw/australia (eg, a store, cafe, park, venue etc):
[X] Something you're looking forward to:
[X] Photos if ya feel like it:

-keep large or multiple pictures or rants behind an lj-cut (to learn how, go here)
-add these banners to your userpage and spread the word :D
(just remove the stars/asterisk thingies)

<*img src="*http:/*/img.photobucket.com/albums/v291/stephnah2/sydpunkbanner2.jpg*">

<*img src="*http:/*/img.photobucket.com/albums/v291/stephnah2/sydpunkbanner.jpg*">

yes, i got a bit carried away with the hitchhiker theme. haha.

If you have any questions in regard to the actual community, please talk to any of the maintainers... stephyilecat, cykolulu and dreaminndigital

Go here and buy stuff:

If you're into anything that ends with billy, check out aussiebilly
And if you're underage and an indie kid in sydney go to syd_indie_kids

with that out of the way... enjoy the community!
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