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Classic Horror Film LOST for decades FOUND!

You have read it right, the most notorious and sought after film in cinema history, the film that was thought lost forever in an MGM film vault fire decades ago......

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT starring Lon Chaney, has been found!

And, it was found by the Horror Drunx own investigative journalist, SID TERROR!

Read his exclusive article only at...

Here is a short excerpt:..

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT - The lost Lon Chaney masterpiece FOUND!


(A Horror Drunx Exclusive)
by Sid Terror
July 23, 2008

Yes. It is true. For those who scoff and doubt (I'm sure you will be legion) that the most notorious lost film of all times was located, I will say it again with authority and conviction...

I, Sid Terror, saw Lon Chaney's lost classic LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT with my own eyes. Without a doubt. No I am not talking about a recreation made completely from still photos, I'm talking about the entire long-lost motion-picture!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Read the entire article and find out more! The discovery of 25 missing minutes from the silent classic METROPOLIS made international news headlines a few weeks ago.
THIS story is bigger because it concerns an entire lost masterpiece!

To find out the details, go to...

The Horror Drunx website has now gone LIVE to the public!

...and the mainstream Horror media just got VERY scared.

Now all you Monster Boys and Girls have your own Grisleyland, an abusement park of fun to call all your own on the internet, covering the horror community like no other.

and MORE!

..You are all invited to join in on the fun with THE HORROR DRUNX 60+ Chapters and 65,000 members world-wide.

All Horror, all the time, HALLOWEEN 365 days a year!

At: www.TheHorrorDrunx.com

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It's the debut gig for The Headlight Stares - an old school 2-piece rockabilly band :)

Yahuh! It's also the launch!!

So come in and grab a freeeee copy of the first ever issue of HEP! zine :D

and for $5 steaks and beer and drunken sexytime XD

Control Rock n Roll

Limited edition 3 track sampler. This is definitely one for the collector. The cd itself looks awesome. Is pressed on a black cd and made to look like a record. Even has little grooves on it. It's one of the best cd designs I have seen. And of course the music which is on the cd is top notch too! These 3 tracks are originals, and you won't find these versions on any future release from the band. If you like your music hard hitting and heavy with a strong social commentary then this one's for you.

Click here to find out some more info on Control and who they are. Or visit their myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/controlrocknroll
A full length should be out later on in the year, so keep your eyes peeled as this is a band that you can't let pass you by.

Hooligan Rock 'n Roll
Nail Your Colours to the Mast

Go to http://www.deadsetmusic.net to get your hands on a copy

Slick 46 - New Album

After a successful tour of the West Coast USA in 2007, and plans to head back over in July/August this year, Slick 46 have released their first full length album through Longshot Music.

1. I Dont Wanna
2. Better Man
3. OI Its Friday
4. Quit
5. Checking Out
6. Coming Up
7. Life
8. Everything You Want
9. No Matter What
10. Drunken Wish
11. Sad But True
12. City By Night
13. Shot Thru

Check out their My Space Page for some sample tracks off the album.

You can pre-order the album today at Deadset Music. While you are there you can also pick up copies of their older 2 EP releases, as well as find a selection of pins and T-shirts.
All orders come with a free Slick 46 cloth patch.

Click here to buy the album and see other SLICK 46 merch at www.deadsetmusic.net

Acoustic Thursdays @Stikki Records

Reposted from Affy of Stikki Records.

if ya wanna come in and join in on some good ol sing alongs then pop in every thursday night starting from next week.

starting from 5.30 - 9.00

anyone is welcome , doesn't matter what yer style is...punk, ska, reggae, rock, blue grass ...who gives a shit.............no mics, no amps, no p.a.

just straight out voice, guitar , spoons, or whatever it is you do.

try jamming with a bunch of other deviants if ya want.

'Stikki Records' 510, king street, newtown, sydney.

this is a record store and not a pub so its always a welcome place for folks of any age.

( but please respect the neighbouring shops or it wont last long )

affy / stikki records

please repost this to tell all ya friends!

Rockabilly Zine?

Ok I know this is a punk rock community and many of you probably dont listen to Rockabilly, but some of you might listen to psychobilly or whatever.. so read it anyway.

I've been toying around with the idea of starting a Rockabilly and related zine for a while... I think it's worth giving it a go.

who would be interested in starting one with me?

It'll be a street-level, basically punk rock fanzine approach to a rockabilly and related publication which operates on the contributions and feedback from rockabilly and related fans.

It'll have interviews, articles, reviews, gig guide (depending on how often it'll be released), cheap ads for things we love, and other stuff.

I dunno, it's still in its really early stages so structure and content can be discussed.

I'm looking for people who:
- Live locally (preferably sydney or NSW, but this is open to anyone living in Australia)
- Write. Don't need to be a serious writer.
- are artists or designers... don't need to be pro either.
- Are willing to distribute or at least spread the news about the zine.
- Love live music and supporting it.
- Love rockabilly and/or related.

Looking for both regular and non-regular contributors.

Just wanna see if there's any interest out there.

So yeah, please tell me if you'd like to give it a go or even if you'd just be interested in reading such a publication.



Bulldog Spirit Ain't No Angel

5 new tracks and a cover of ‘We Are The Blood’ by The Trouble.
Check the band out at www.myspace.com/pridestrengthhonour

Buy the EP here www.deadsetmusic.net